Urban Planning

It may sound like interior design, but in its implication, elastic-Living is a relevant contribution to contemporary urban development.

elastic_LIVINGĀ® is possible in both new and existing constructions: from permanent living, for example in public housing, to the luxury segment and holiday living space. As a temporary usage solution for vacant properties, it also answers questions related to our day and age. This new living facility has no thresholds, is barrier-free and adaptable, making it suitable for people of all age groups and abilities.

A 600 m2 building floor plate fits up to 12 elastic_LIVINGĀ® apartments of 36 m2 with a usable space of 60 m2 compared to only 8 equivalent conventional apartments of 55 m2.

This type of building development can be integrated to scale in districts, with the built areas exhibiting a healthy population density and thereby enriching the urban space both socially and economically. Building density remains the same, but the number of apartments is can be increased by 50%, leaving more space for the community. Expansion into green areas is limited, and the problem of land grab counteracted.