Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a central argument for elastic_LIVING® . One needs to heat, cool, ventilate, light and clean one room only, but takes advantage of a much larger area.

Reduction through smaller size

Heating, cooling, ventilating, lighting – all installations are for a single room. The consumption of energy usage is being reduced by 30% to 50%.


elastic_LIVING® is a big step towards the 2000-Watt-Society. The contribution only through the concept of modules and the reduction of space is in the range of 10 to 20%.

Infrastructure and urban planning

In addition, the densification of the living are leads to shorter distances, less traffic and therefore reduced energy waste for mobility.

Calculation sample of CO2-Reduction

Here we post a model and calculation of a living quarter with 1000 inhabitants in a building composed with elastic_LIVING® apartments